Polycom User Experience: Innovators Spotlight

Darin Duvall, Polycom Human Factors Manager, User Experience

Polycom User Experience

The new Polycom UX can be summed up in one word. Effortless. Our ambition as a company is to provide the most effortless, end to end experience imaginable. We see our products and innovations as groundbreaking in the world of video collaboration. The experience, ease of use, cost of implementation, maintenance, device integration, consistency and fidelity of the new Polycom experience will set the industry standard today and in the future.

Months of usability testing with real users kept Polycom developers busy creating the perfect user experience. From the out-of-box experience to the intuitive way you can change cameras or select content, Polycom has fine-tuned video collaboration so everyone has a great experience the first time and every time.

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