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Marketing has changed more in the past five years than during the previous century, according to Our complex and evolving world now involves digital wallets, social media, QR codes, virtual reputation management, and a much quicker rate of data transfer across the web. The challenge is that the customer touch-points and brand experience must remain consistent and positive through this ever changing landscape.

Successful Globalization

Often, the marketing group is the engine of change for businesses and leads the company-wide response to changing market insights. Marketers also are responsible for coordinating launches, campaigns, activities across geographies and segments for successful globalization.

Global marketing insights can be realized when communication is the key to managing the complexities of technological change. The ideal platform for 21st century enterprise communications is Polycom audio and video collaboration.

  • Corporate webcasts and town hall meetings stream live to thousands of employees, partners, and customers
  • Video recordings and on-demand webinars enable training managers and company leaders to communicate more frequently and more effectively across the enterprise

Develop Customer-Centric Initiatives

Developing customer-centric initiatives through visual communication strategies will lead to compelling campaigns today. Video is fast becoming the primary knowledge transfer mechanism of this era, and Polycom video, voice and content sharing solutions can help you satisfy your need for collaboration at an enterprise level and beyond.

Saint Vincent Health Systems provides patient care at 26 rural facilities in the northeastern United States. They rolled out a prevention and wellness campaign focusing on obesity prevention which allowed up to 30 participants to attend the bariatric wellness seminars, virtually over video conference. Phillip Wolford, the coordinator of regional telemedicine network, stated “Many patients who attend our educational sessions subsequently undergo bariatric surgery, and while surgery isn’t right for everyone, these procedures are generating enough revenue to help us treat far more patients in rural communities than we ever expected. In fact, our bariatric wellness program paid for itself within a matter of weeks.”

Organizations can communicate effectively with customers, partners, and other external contacts through the Polycom RealPresence Platform, trusted by more than 415,000 customers around the world.

Shape the Company's Public Profile

Corporate executives set the tone for their company, and the marketing department is responsible for communicating strategies to all applicable internal and external groups. It is crucial that all stakeholders clearly understand the vision, strategy, and priorities of your company. Marketing, together with the executive team, must communicate these to a diverse audience of employees, partners, vendors, shareholders, analysts, the media, and the general public.

Collaboration tools such as voice, video, and content sharing help to unify these goals. Video continues to change how companies manage their target audience. From delivering a webcast to a vast audience, to formulating a private showroom for one specific client, video collaboration technology provides the necessary range of solutions required to elevate any business to greater financial success.

Severstal-Infocom is a global mining and steel company with 84,000 employees. As they continue expanding globally, they looked to maintain timely communications across their numerous and sometimes, remote locations without the time requirements for long—distance travel. Polycom video conferencing provided a great solution. Andrey Kozyrev, Director of the Technical Department stated “This is a great way to deliver our messages, in a very cost-effective manner. Each Polycom solution pays for itself in six months."

Profit-Directed Promotion Programs

Any corporate research project, whether for a training class, marketing launch, product rollout, sales seminar, or construction project—often requires numerous steps that result in time-consuming, resource-intensive, high-cost planning activities. For corporate research projects of any type, nothing beats the clarity of interaction, communication, and comprehension of Polycom collaboration solutions - both voice and video.

The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative (IFFCO) is an organization that works with the Indian government to help the foodgrain industry improve production across 40,000 cooperatives. They rely on Polycom to access marketing and sales networks through video conferencing, to collect real-time information to support quick decisions.

Large amounts of data can result in better understanding, and better collaboration starts with Polycom.

Industry Trends

How Polycom solutions enhance your brand at every touch-point.

Collaborate on a global scale. With Polycom voice, video and content-sharing solutions, it's easy to ensure productive collaboration between corporate and field marketing, no matter where those fields are located.

Global product launches can be a hectic time for any marketing group. Polycom voice, video and content-sharing solutions allow for quick and highly productive check-ins between key stakeholders, ensuring important tasks don't fall through the cracks.
Customers and prospects retain 10% of what they hear,1

Better sales enablement starts with better training. And Polycom has the tools to make sure everyone in your sales and marketing organization is on the same page, even when they're in different time zones or using different devices or platforms.

The press are people, too. So are analysts. Deepen your relationships with both by using Polycom solutions to make it easier and more mutually beneficial to meet face-to-face on a regular basis. The easier you make it for people to report on a story or trend, the better your chances of favorable coverage.

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