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Polycom Solutions by Business Function


Creating process improvements often means the difference between an organization's success and failure. Reducing hiring time, shortening time-to-market and maximizing a sales team's product expertise, can drive down costs, increase revenues and enhance productivity. From distance learning, to project and vendor management, to customer service, training, and recruiting, Polycom collaboration solutions help organizations improve communications, gain workflow efficiencies and maintain competitive advantages. Let us show you how.


Create value in uncertain times.

Customer Service

The level of customer service and customer support provided by a company can result in customer satisfaction, retention and referral. Using Polycom collaboration tools provides a personal, yet time-sensitive, element to support or service calls.


Design and build products that give your company a competitive advantage for positive revenue impact.


Provide the most optimal and cost-effective workspaces for your workforce.


Meet company financial objectives through cost control and quality investments.

Human Resources

Hiring the right candidate for the job is key in any organization. But geographical boundaries, time-constraints and travel-cost limitations impact the ability to find the most qualified candidates. According to a recent poll, the hiring process takes on average three months. Hire better candidates, faster with Polycom collaboration solutions.


Create digital value and drive performance improvement through the strategic use of information.


Make every customer touch-point and brand experience consistent and positive.


The most successful companies are those that develop and maintain strong relationships with employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Polycom collaboration solutions play a major role in managing relationships by eliminating the distance barrier.