Customer Reference Program


Your company can gain global exposure at no cost to you by participating in the Polycom customer reference program. In the same way that effective marketing makes use of a variety of media and communication channels, customer reference activities can take many forms ranging from low- to high-involvement and exposure—from telephone reference calls to case studies and videos to industry speaking opportunities—all of which are designed to share your Polycom experiences with prospective customers, the media, and industry analysts.

Beyond promoting your success, we also understand that revolutionizing collaboration across an organization is not a simple or quick process. We can assist you by providing tools such as videos and success stories to help you encourage adoption and meet your internal objectives.

Interested in joining the program?

Would you like to learn more about the Polycom Customer Reference Program? Simply contact your Polycom Account Executive or send an email to We are looking forward to hearing from you and let us know how we can help improve your business practices and processes with Polycom video collaboration solutions. Complete the online registration form to join today.

Customer Rewards and Benefits

As one of Polycom's highly valued customers, participating in the Customer Reference Program benefits you and your company with the following value-based rewards:

  • Enhanced Exposure to Build Brand recognition: Your participation can mean increased publicity and exposure through articles, case studies, press releases, and video testimonials. Polycom invests in events, public relations, and collateral that visibly highlights our customers as best-run businesses. As you describe your success to business, press and technology experts worldwide, you'll raise your company's image as a technology-enabled leader and a visionary in your industry. Your participation in these opportunities will increase your brand visibility, demonstrate industry leadership and showcase project success internally and externally.
  • Gain valuable business contacts: The Fortune 100 and 415,000+ customers rely on Polycom to push the greatness of human collaboration forward every day. Optimize the value of your Polycom investment and use of video or unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions through the Polycom Customer Reference Program.  We will provide you with innovative ways to network and share information with the other customers, as well as Polycom experts who have insights into your industry, solutions, and business practices.
  • Increase User Adoption within Your Organization: All of the deliverables we create together can be fully adapted to help you drive adoption within your organization.

Awards: Get the recognition you deserve through your participation in many leading awards. As a reference customer, the Polycom reference team will provide you with regular updates about upcoming awards as well as provide assistance for customers preparing award nomination forms. See award winners

Marketing and Sales Opportunities

Promote your organization’s reputation as a best-run business while showcasing your company’s success by sharing your expertise. Polycom reference customers are valued counterparts for other companies, journalists and analysts and can participate in a selection of opportunities:

  • Press and analyst activities: Talking to the press or select industry analysts can be a highly effective way of getting the word out about your new or improved business capabilities, and new products and solutions.
  • Speaker Opportunities: Polycom sponsors and participates in a number of events throughout the year including tradeshows, user conferences, and seminars. Reference customers have an opportunity to discuss how technology has played an integral role in their company's success.
  • Beta Participation: As a reference customer, you will often have the opportunity to participate in Polycom beta programs, where you will be introduced early on to new products and product roadmaps.
  • Reference visits: Host a site visit where a customer or prospect observes your system as it performs in day-to-day operations.
  • Reference calls: Take part in a peer-to-peer sales reference conference call with a prospect at a mutually agreed date and time to discuss the successes of your implementation along with questions from the prospect which have been submitted in advance.

Polycom offers the opportunity to provide fully funded solution marketing collateral produced by Polycom and written by a professional writer – with final release approval by your company.

  • Marketing Collateral: A professional press release, success story, infographic and reference slide detailing your Polycom video collaboration initiatives and its related business benefits, and the value received. All available to your own marketing teams by participating in an interview with a Polycom Customer Program Manager.
  • Customer video testimonial: A video testimonial detailing your organization’s video collaboration or UC&C solution and related business benefits available for you to use and publish.
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