Polycom Zero
Touch Provisioning

Simple deployment and management of Polycom VoIP products

Provisioning solutions for the easy deployment of Polycom VoIP products

Polycom offers Zero Touch Provisioning as a cloud-based provisioning solution to service providers and channel partners so they can more easily deploy VoIP Devices. This service is particularly suited to larger deployment scenarios and is designed to fit easily into any activation and provisioning processes you currently use.

Using ZTP can reduce your operating costs because it removes the need to either "open the box" at a distribution center or send skilled technicians to the customer site to enter pre-provisioning information through the phone's UI or Web interface.

Rely on the Polycom Zero Touch Provisioning Solution to:

  • Reduce the time between receiving an order and receiving revenue
  • Achieve peace of mind with a simplified deployment model of plug-and-play installation by the customer
  • Reduce costs–no need to remove a device from the box to deploy a phone
  • Enable a simplified and more efficient deployment experience
  • Improve the tracking of phones

When a Polycom VoIP device is initially installed at the customer site, it automatically contacts the Polycom ZTP server and downloads an initial configuration, including the address of the service provider or the enterprise provisioning server.

Zero Touch Provisioning:

  • Reduces the time from order to "dial-tone"
  • Reduces configuration errors  - no manual configuration required
  • Increases the flexibility Polycom partners have for reacting to special orders
  • Reduces the number of SKUs



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ZTP License Agreement

ZTP License Agreementfor Provisioning Solutions of Polycom products