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The last thing your business needs is another set of technologies that distract your teams from the business at hand.  Polycom Voice Applications add on-screen context to your voice solutions and communications. They enrich your teams’ communications. And they save time on frequent, every-day tasks without complicating the overall experience.

You benefit from:

  • A simple, point-and-click interface that enables you to use the Polycom Desktop Connector to activate phone features directly through the PC
  • Advanced productivity applications and familiar “Smartphone-like” experience
  • Performance management, applications solutions for optimal voice quality across your network

If there’s one thing today’s IT managers are likely to lose sleep over, it’s how to boost employee productivity. While many people think of their desktop phone as a static device, in reality these devices have ample computing power. Yet most of the time they sit idle.

With Polycom Voice Applications, you can harness the unused potential of your always-on business phone systems and enrich your teams’ unified communications. Provide employees with the simple capabilities that save time on frequent every-day tasks without complicating their daily workflows or overwhelming them with technology.

  • Extend your Microsoft® Exchange implementation to desk phones with the Polycom Desktop Connector
  • Custom-build, application solutions using open-standards-based APIs that enable your third-party developers to tailor their solutions to meet your business needs for unified communications
  • Deliver advanced productivity applications and familiar “Smartphone like”  experience to all your users
  • Leverage existing communication investments and third-party productivity applications with standards-based APIs

Ever want your desk phone to work like your smart phone?  Well now it can.

Polycom Voice Applications helps you manage your Exchange calendars and contacts directly from your Polycom desk phone. Yet you still have access to your corporate directory for a truly unified desktop experience.

With these desktop solutions and applications, you can:

  • Enjoy advanced productivity applications and a familiar “Smartphone-like”  experience
  • See who is present on a conference call right from your desk phone’s display
  • Simply click to dial on your desk phone with your mouse by using the Polycom Desktop Connector

Better Together over Ethernet: BToE (Ph-1) – Skype for Business - This feature is intended to provide the user an enhanced experience when the Skype for Business Compatible IP Phone is working directly with the Skype for Business Client using Ethernet tethering. The PC running the Skype for Business client is connected to the PC port of the phone and the LAN port of the phone is connected to the network.

The Polycom phones are envisioned to be tethered to the PC using the Ethernet interface. These desktop phone systems are supposed to work in one of two modes:

  • Paired Mode: Phone should emulate itself as both virtual USB HID device and virtual USB audio device
  • Audio Playback Mode: Phone emulating itself as a virtual USB audio device.

Desktop Connector

The Polycom Desktop Connector (PDC) extends your PC to your business phone system

Voice Quality Monitoring

With Polycom Productivity Suite Application: you can proactively monitor and troubleshoot voice quality issues

Zero Touch Provisioning Solution

Zero Touch Provisioning is a cloud-based service for Polycom service providers and channel partners.

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