Network Monitoring Tool and Remote Consultancy

Visibility of Real-time IP network performance through a simple, cloud-based application

Real-time IP network performance through a simple, cloud-based application

How successfully your network delivers videoconferencing depends on the design and performance of your enterprise IP network. If the IP network is not carrying video traffic with high priority or is not providing sufficient bandwidth, video quality suffers. By pre-assessing your network’s performance, you prepare your network to manage the demands of voice and video traffic and to resolve anything that could impact performance.

That can save you time, money and resources. And once deployed, ongoing monitoring of your network performance can empower your IT teams to proactively resolve issues and minimize any possible impact they might have on your video delivery service.

To help you understand the performance of your network, Polycom offers the Polycom Network Monitoring Tool. It is a unique, annual-subscription service that uses a cloud-based application and non-invasive devices.

This tool enables your IT and networking teams to view current and historical performance of your network. They can also access performance statistics 24x7 though the online portal.

Remote consultancy services are also available to support your IT teams. Turn to our consultants to configure the monitoring tool and alerts for you. Or, they can help you interpret the results and make recommendations for improvement.

Consulting services are available for:

  • one day (to support the installation of your solution)
  • six days over a period of one year (to provide installation, consultation and evaluation of reports as well as results of the monitoring tool).

Polycom Network Monitoring Tool Benefits:

  • Saves time, money and resources, by pre-assessing the network to help ensure it can manage voice and video traffic and to resolve any issues before you deploy
  • Simplifies communication with the enterprise network team and service providers by defining network requirements for video and by showing exactly where and when the network is failing to properly support video
  • Proactively identifies unknown risks with real-time functionality, leading to faster resolution of  issues
  • Uses an affordable, non-invasive and simple cloud-based model, to help ensure you get a high-quality user experience
  • Comes as a single solution, offering network assessments, continuous monitoring, reporting and proactive alerting

Polycom Network Monitoring Tool gives users visibility of:

  • Active monitoring (7x24) of bandwidth, utilization, loss, latency, round-trip delay and jitter for both large packets (video) and small packets (audio)
  • Path Consistency to monitor how often the IP route changes and to allow correlation of path and performance issues
  • DSCP mark consistency to determine if marked packets are having their DSCP mark cleared en-route, and to identify the routers making that change
  • Service Quality Definition (SQD) for each tested path to define quality requirement and allow alerting
  • Automatic diagnostics that isolate faults with layer 3 granularity during the fault occurrence
  • Network Load Testing that directly emulates video conferencing call loads for network stress testing
  • Optional Flow visibility to see what users and traffic types are using the network connection
  • Optional remote trace allowing capture and upload of standard pcap files through the cloud service


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