Polycom Optimization Services

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Throughout the life of your communications environment you want to gain the maximum benefit from your investment. Yet over that time your experience constantly changes. Expansions. New technologies. New software releases. By optimizing your solution, you extend and expand the usefulness of your Polycom environment.

Polycom offers a range of services that can support your continued expansion and assist your IT and networking teams as they manage your solution. Monitoring your network’s performance, or upgrading your solution to the latest software revision, gives your users the best possible collaboration experience.

When you access Polycom Optimization Services you can:

  • Ensure the way you roll out your  video solution maximizes user participation and utilization
  • Proactively manage your network's performance to minimize downtime
  • Keep your solution optimized with the latest software releases
  • Use expert upgrade procedures that have a minimal impact on the use of your solution
  • Conduct periodic "health checks" to keep your solutions running optimally

There are constant expansions and changes to the technical environment you manage, some of which will impact the performance of your Polycom solution.

Polycom offers a range of optimization and diagnosis services for you to proactively manage any impact on performance, negate it early and maximize solution uptime. By monitoring your network’s performance, or upgrading your solution to the latest software revision, you can remain at the leading edge of technology.

With Polycom Optimization Services, you can:

  • Augment your resources with Polycom technical experts
  • Identify any risk and reduce any impact to your production environment
  • Identify network performance issues in advance
  • Enjoy optimal performance and minimize downtime

You want to be using the latest technology and taking advantage of the newest features and enhancements. Yet you don't want these changes to affect the use of your communication tools.

Polycom helps to reduce the impact of any deployment or changes to your environment. We can also help you use your Polycom solution more effectively.

As a result you receive:

  • Reliable video service of high quality
  • Access to the latest features and enhancements as they are released


Gain detailed insight on your collaboration endpoints no matter where in the world they’re located

RealAccess Analytics Service

Bring the power of actionable information to bear on complex business processes with a cloud-based analytics service for tracking the utilization, capacity and call performance of your collaboration solution.

User Adoption Services

Align your video collaboration with your work environment and business goals through our unique Adoption Services suite

Network Monitoring and Remote Consultancy

Real-time network performance management through a simple, cloud-based service

RealPresence Platform Optimization

Optimize your Polycom infrastructure solutions to perform at the highest possible level

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