Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager

Managed, monitored, and under control.

Communicating over voice and video networks are core to your organization’s efficiency and it is important to manage both the networks and devices to support your organization as it evolves with changing technology. RealPresence Resource Manager is the essential management component of Polycom RealPresence Clariti so you can centrally manage all of your Polycom-enabled devices from smartphones, tablets and laptops to desktop and conference phones all the way through your largest video conferencing room systems and immersive telepresence.

Provision, manage & monitor

Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager software application provisions, manages and monitors thousands of voice and video devices across a global network. Choose from over 300 standard best practice profiles or customize 100% of settings to create the best experience for your organizational needs. Through the customizable dashboard for each administrative user, you can manage and troubleshoot all Polycom voice, video and content devices as well as other standards based voice and video devices. Scalability to 50,000 devices helps you effectively manage your voice devices as well as content, mobile, desktop and group video systems.

Directory, scheduling & reporting

Providing familiar directories and easy dialing empowers users to communicate over voice and video with minimal IT support. Use the built-in web scheduler or Microsoft Outlook to create single or recurring conferences, book rooms and users, and manage active calls.  Improve your administrative workflow by integrating scheduling via API suite into existing scheduling apps. RealPresence Resource Manager provides powerful data analytics on usage and ROI, including support for Polycom EagleEye Producer and EagleEye Director II participant data reports.

Deep integration and interoperability

Built on unified communications and video conferencing standards, RealPresence Clariti integrates into a wide variety of applications and unified communications networks using various deployment models and architectures. RealPresence Resource Manager supports voice device deployments on most call server platforms. With the API suite, you can integrate communications into your other applications for a streamlined workflow.

Features and Benefits

  • Manage your voice, video and content devices with provisioning, managing and monitoring capabilities
  • Scalability to 50,000 devices helps you effectively manage your voice devices as well as mobile, desktop and group video systems
  • RealPresence Web Suite Support – Key components of the RealPresence Platform and RealPresence Web Suite extend enterprise-grade visual collaboration to anyone, anywhere with just a browser and webcam
  • Cloud / Service Provider Multi-tenant – Host numerous customers or departments on a single platform, for operational efficiency and lower TCO
  • Simplified administration and provisioning – Dynamically provision mobile, personal, and group systems with feature sets, call quality, bandwidth rights and software updates – minimizing administration work and user setup
  • Centralized device management – Single application to monitor and manage all voice and video devices in the network, immediate real time views of the status and health of the video network
  • Conference scheduling and management application – Use either the web scheduler, Microsoft Outlook or API to schedule and launch video calls. Central application to manage ongoing conferences, point to point or multi-party
  • API Suite – Combine with RealPresence  DMA APIs for a complete video conferencing management API solution

RealPresence Resource Manager is dependent on an external video call control (gatekeeper/SIPRegistrar) for scale which is achieved via tight integration with Polycom RealPresence Distributed Media Application (DMA). This provides highly reliable scheduled conferences, a unified dial plan, and a variety of options for leading UC environments.

To gain a better understanding of our API suite, please refer to the Polycom Developers Program. For assistance in using the API suite to develop applications for your specific business needs, visit the API Software Integration service page for consulting options.

Customer Stories


Educational program regrouping the seven East Frisian Islands and the Lower Saxony Residential Secondary School in northern Germany implements Polycom RealPresence video solutions to facilitate the delivery of education and communications for the students, educators, and parents.

The Vaillant Group

Superior Architecture with scale up to 50,000 devices with a Linux operating system preferred by service providers and large enterprise. High availability with redundant hot standby server minimizes outage time. Integration with RealPresence DMA for scale and new services such as mobility, anytime conferencing and scheduling.Automate and centralize your video network management, eliminating time consuming and error-prone manual monitoring and management procedures

  • Simplify the customer experience using dynamic provisioning, directories and contact list dialing with presence information
  • Integrate video collaboration into your environment with the API suite and custom applications
  • Realize quicker ROI with multi-tenant capabilities that securely and discretely serve multiple customers from single application instance
  • Run an always available video service using the RealPresence Platform architecture of clustered hot-standby servers and separated functions of call control, device management and bridging resources
  • Prepare for the BYOD policy as the application scales from 100 to 50,000 video devices using dynamic provisioning and configuration


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Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager


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