Polycom Remote Control

Complete control in the palm of your hand

Intuitive remote control for Group Series

Group Series remote controls offer an ergonomic design that can be keyed to allow for working with multiple video systems in the same vicinity.

The Polycom Remote Control:

  • Is programmable for use with other devices and individual Polycom codecs
  • Is compatible with older Polycom video devices

The Polycom Group Series Remote Control:

  • Intuitive design with 25% less buttons than previous remote controls
  • Graphically driven without text
  • Environmentally friendly USB rechargeable battery

HDX and Group Series Remote Control

  • Programming instructions accessible in the HDX Admin Guide at support.polycom.com

HDX Remote Control Part Numbers:

  • 2201-52556-001 (English)
  • 2201-52556-107 (French)
  • 2201-52556-115 (Spanish)

Group Series:

  • Remote Control - 2201-52757-001
  • Extra USB Battery - 2520-52757-001