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  • Improved workflow
  • Time savings

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Polycom RealConnect Helps TransUnion Collaborate Globally with Polycom RealPresence Group Series and Skype for Business

TransUnion sees information differently—not just for what it is, but for what it can help people accomplish. Supporting more than 65,000 businesses and 35 million consumers with data, analytics and technology solutions, TransUnion’s commitment to delivering Information for Good has helped position them as one of the largest risk and information solutions providers in the world. As a truly global company, TransUnion is committed to employing the best possible technology and ensuring that its associates are connected and productive.

As an industry leader, TransUnion seeks to offer the best workplace technology and wanted to tap into Polycom’s expertise to advance its solutions to help employees collaborate globally. Mike Palumbo, TransUnion’s Senior Director of the Technology Infrastructure and Support Group, had the opportunity to contribute to the company’s vision in making this a reality by investing in collaboration tools and video systems. The company had selected Skype for Business as its unified communications platform and he wanted a video solution that would work seamlessly with it. “It became apparent pretty quickly Polycom’s technology and what it had to offer—Polycom RealConnect was a good fit with Skype for Business— kept the end-user experience simple and familiar,” said Mike. This was mission-critical to Mike and the team. Success would be determined by the users’ adoption of the new technology.

TransUnion was accustomed to Skype for Business and its instant messaging capabilities. Polycom® RealConnect™ made Polycom® RealPresence® Group Series video solutions work hand-in-hand with Skype for Business.  Skype for Business users and Group Series users were given click-to-join functionality enabling employees to join the same video meetings but to maintain the workflows they already knew. GroupSeries systems entered the video call the way they always had and Skype for Business users did the same.  RealConnect retained the distinct conferencing experience of each type of video participant but brought people and content together in the same call. “We have seen a significant uptick in video minutes,” said Brian Grzesiak, Director of the Global Collaborations Team. “The workforce has picked up on it very quickly and they enjoy the face-to-face interaction for team meetings.”

Polycom RealConnect became crucial in delivering a modern visual collaboration experience. “I love the RealConnect solution,” said Lead Engineer Christina Strauch Mengel. “It gave our end-users and global associates an easier way to connect and a more native experience. Participants just click to join.”

TransUnion’s collaboration solution portfolio was also enhanced with the Polycom immersive telepresence (ITP) solution. The large, stadium-type seating provides a great view of virtual participants, with lots of screen real estate to display participants and content. Skype for Business participants can also join an ITP call. “It provides the best viewing capabilities for the associates,” said Mike. “The content that comes out is fantastic. Everyone can view what they need to view.” 

Polycom solutions are bringing TransUnion employees together like never before.  The visual collaboration is driving teamwork and allowing individuals to be more productive alone and in groups.  “I started to feel like the team in Sao Paolo Brazil just sat on a different floor,” added Christina. “We started to feel like we are a family collaborating. It blew my mind and changed the way I thought about a global organization.”

As a global technology team, Mike, Brian and Christina knew they needed to offer the best in visual collaboration, especially solutions that would integrate with Skype for Business.  The adoption and employee satisfaction have been tremendous and the minutes spent on the video systems with the real connect technology have been substantial.  It has changed TransUnion’s ability to interact globally for the better.

 “I can’t imagine not having it here,” said Mike.