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  • Increases speed to market for trend-based products
  • Real-time design fixes prior to factory runs
  • Fosters designer-supplier touch points
  • Significant cost savings through reduced travel

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En Vogue with Collaborative Solutions

With global contributors deciding the latest trends and fashions at such a fast pace, speed in manufacturing and meeting these demands are crucial to companies like SRG Apparel PLC.

As a United Kingdom-based design house with offices in China and Bangladesh, it depends on the immediacy of video conferencing to connect its business. "Video helps us keep up with the pace of the fashion industry," says Rajesh Passi, chairman of SRG Apparel PLC. "This business is getting faster and faster and we have to move with it."

Successful design that translates into sales dollars depends on customer communication, explains Emma Shepherd, design and development executive at SRG Apparel PLC. The company does not design in a vacuum, but rather, welcomes input from customer suppliers. "We have a very quick turnover from the initial design concept to prototype sampling," she explains. "The customer can show us the garment on screen and if there is anything incorrect, we can modify it and rectify the problem."

However, speed to market is only a competitive edge if the manufacturer makes the garment to the exact specification. If a product hits the shelves and one detail is incorrect, it could mean investing more time and money. Video conferencing enables these risks factors to be identified much earlier in the supply chain.

For Margaret Jenner, technical and compliance manager for SRG Apparel PLC, collaborative solutions are just as important as design sketches. "We encounter problems on a day to day basis, so we are in contact with our suppliers and offshore offices," she explains. "We're able to show them within minutes exactly what the problem is. We can do a fit session and improve the garment, which save days and a considerable amount of money."

Keeping in tune with fashion trends is another critical link in the supply chain. "Our designs are developed by our global market intelligence," reports Mahesh Patel, managing director at SRG Apparel PLC. "Understanding what's on trend, interpreting it commercially, and relaying this to our offices in Bangladesh and China in a timely manner is the key to our success."

Fashion passes through many hands before it's embraced by the mass market. What's most important to a globally dispersed company is being able to break down those distance barriers with collaborative solutions. "It's just clarity and nothing is lost in translation," says Shepherd. "Everyone can understand the visuals and it's really transformed the way we work."

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