Polycom Global Producer Responsibility Statement

It is the policy of Polycom to fully comply with or exceed the producer responsibility requirements placed upon it by countries in which it sells its products. These requirements typically make the producer responsible for taking back and recycling end-of-life and waste equipment. The take back services described below complement Polycom’s Return Material Authorization process which may be followed by any customer wishing to refurbish or upgrade their equipment.

Compliance with producer responsibility requirements demonstrates Polycom’s commitment to the environment in addition to meeting local laws to allow Polycom products to be sold in that market. To this end, over and above fulfillment of any mandatory producer registration requirements, Polycom is committed to provide for recycling of its branded electrical equipment in all major world markets where our legal status and other in-country requirements permit us to do so.

This commitment to producer responsibility continues even where Polycom is not considered legally responsible. This means that Polycom will provide a free recycling service for Polycom branded products in all markets where these products are sold. Polycom may, where applicable legislation so provides, charge for the reasonable cost of transporting waste equipment to the designated recycling facility.

Details of the process to be followed, any applicable charges, and necessary contact information will be provided to any of its customers who wish to use the recycling services offered by Polycom.

For more information on Polycom’s recycling services, contact us at TakeBack@polycom.com.