Polycom provides Video Solutions in Picardie, France

Polycom provides Video Solutions in Picardie, France and contributes to the improvement of Healthcare in the Region

GCS e-Santé Picardie is making telemedicine ubiquitous by connectinghospitals, healthcare centers, and private practitioners’ offices, with Polycom video solutions and promoting its usage.

27 November 2012: - Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM), the global leader in open standards-based unified communications (UC), is providing solutions to the GCS e-Santé Picardie to contribute to their ambitious project to improve health services with a delivery of Polycom RealPresence® Platform®(Polycom® RMX®, Polycom CMA, Polycom Video Border Proxy) and RealPresence® Room solutions(Polycom® HDX® Series) across hospitals, healthcare centres, and private practitioners offices.  The Polycom video collaboration is used to bestow high-quality telemedicine, improve communications among medical staff, and work and share with hospitals and experts, deliver training for healthcare specialist and improve services for the region.

The region of Picardie, located in northern France is faced with limited healthcare facilities, an aging population living in rural areas, and has difficulty attracting new doctors to the region. The CHU (University Hospital Center) house professors and full medical staff is located in the major city, Amiens, while the rural areas are deserted by general practitioners and specialists, making access to healthcare a challenge. CGS e-Santé Picardie developed a platform of tele medicine services baptized COMEDI-e, which is integrated and implemented by OSPITEL Grouping (Grouping SPIE Communications, INOVELAN, MiPiH).

Following the strategy of the ARS(Regional Health Agency)to deliver improved healthcare across the region , GCS e-Santé Picardie is committed to modernising the technology system in the health and medical sector, and is dedicated to make telemedicine an everyday tool to assist in medicine with diagnostic, and treatment. GCS e-santé Picardie is actively connecting physicians with patients by video for consultations in various medical specialties under the management of Christine Boutet-Rixe, medical director of the GCS. Their ambition is to make video collaboration ubiquitous, and routine.  Tele medicine is progressively used in various areas of health and medical and paramedical specialties, from primary care to complex care.  Christian Huart, Director of CGS e-santé Picardie explains the concept “the Polycom video solutions are in the consultation room. They are accessible for use by all medical staff who are able to easily establish a secure call.  The high quality of the images of the Polycom HDX series is impressive to all the users.  The patients feel comfortable speaking to a remote doctor, and this is very important so the diagnostic can be made properly.”

The Polycom RealPresence video solutions are transforming healthcare in Picardie 

  • Tele consultation:  with the assistant of a healthcare professional trained in the use of video conferencing, patients can have a consultation with a physician in a field not available where they are located. This includes stroke care, as there is a very limited window of time to make the decision between seeing the onset symptoms and being able to administer thrombolytic , patients with symptoms have access to an expert able to advise on treatment.
  • Tele expertise: Medical professionals can seek the opinion and expertise of other professionals in the network.
  • Tele monitoring : A medical professional is able to interpret and analyse recordings and transmition of data concerning a patient, allowing them if necessary to make decisions relating to the patient care.
  • Tele Assistance :  a healthcare professional assists another in delivering care to a patient, or performing a medical act.

The Polycom RealPresence video solutions are increasing collaboration an communications in the region

  • Training : Training for the medical staff is delivered using the video collaboration, providing education to all members, independent of location
  • Staff meeting : the medical staff can easily meet and discuss cases, improving collaboration across healthcare teams

The Polycom RealPresence platform optimises resources, overcomes the lack of health services in certain parts of the region, strengthen the competence of medical staff, limits costly and difficult patient transfers, and the movement of medical staff, and most important improves patient care.

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