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28 July 2017 Polycom provides new UC software update for its VVX business media phones
25 July 2017 UK lags behind global flexible working drive
24 July 2017 When it comes to remote working, home comforts win every time
24 July 2017 Research reveals how UK workers feel about remote working
22 July 2017 Top tech stats: Virgin business predictions, developers have their say and more
29 June 2017 How collaboration helps business decision making
AV Magazine
9 June 2017 Polycom introduces new device for content-sharing
Comms Business
8 June 2017 Be sure to take a look at the new Polycom Pano
AV Magazine
18 May 2017 Tim Stone at UC Expo 2017: ease of use is key to video adoption
IT Pro
26 April 2017 Tim Stone: what's stopping you from working flexibly?
21 April 2017 Sarah Lloyd: our survey says 'work anywhere'
Huffington Post
18 April 2017 Polycom EMEA President Marco Landi to take on APAC
AV Magazine
23 March 2017 Anywhere working - the policy your team wants
Agile Working Event
21 March 2017 Why you need workplace flexibility for your business to thrive
Small Business
17 February 2017 Sarah Lloyd: how to balance work and children with flexibility
We Are The City
10 February 2017 How Polycom and Microsoft boost productivity
AV Magazine
09 February 2017 Keeping people at the heart of business communications
AV Magazine
09 February 2017 Power up your video meetings with innovation
AV Magazine
09 February 2017 How a South African children's hospital is saving more lives - with Polycom
Computer Weekly
17 January 2017 Polycom at ISE: when UC meets the UI of the future
AV Magazine
16 January 2017 Welcome to your new meeting room: video
Premises & Facilities Management Online
10 November 2016 Polycom Customer - Ministry of Defence, Spain talks about why they chose Polycom
AV Magazine
01 November 2016
10 October 2016 Polycom explains why it's so important to be seen and heard with video conferencing
Comms Business
03 October 2016 Make meetings more meaninful with predicitve analytics
29 September 2016 Polycom Education Survey predicts widespread change
29 September 2016 Microsoft Ignite on the new Skype for Business interface with Polycom
22 September 2016 Polycom’s Education Survey says by 2025 there will be a greater collaboration between schools and corporations
AV Magazine
20 September 2016 The nine-to-five working day is dying out as organisations become increasingly globalized
Daily Telegraph
26 August 2016 Polycom advises on installed sound for impactful video conferencing
AV Magazine
13 August 2016 BBC Arabia receives a hands-on demonstration of Polycom® RealPresence Centro™ at CeBIT 2016, Germany
BBC Arabia
01 August 2016 Installation gets hands on with the Polycom® RealPresence Centro™
31 July 2016 The rise of huddle rooms: Well-equipped, high-tech office spaces for small group meetings are boosting business collaboration
The Sunday Times – Raconteur special report
08 July 2016 It’s the summer of sport: How working flexibly will benefit your team
Huffington Post
01 July 2016 EMEA President Marco Landi tells all on voice and video conferencing and his business approach
AV Magazine
01 June 2016 Engagement and video meetings is Polycom’s ethos: Learn why
27 May 2016 Polycom’s Michael Frendo explains why good quality video is essential
AV Magazine
8 April 2016 IT Pro Portal reviews the Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800
IT Pro Portal
5 April 2016 Skype for Business expands with Polycom and Microsoft
Comms Business
30 March 2016 EMEA President Marco Landi discusses collaboration trends in the workplace
24 March 2016 Polycom® RealPresence Centro™ is a showstopper at ISE 2016
4 March 2016 The story of the Workplace of the future: through the eyes of Polycom EMEA President, Marco Landi
Fresh Business Thinking
10 February 2016 NATO implements Polycom solutions to support their mission
IT Pro Portal
27 January 2016 Polycom is at ISE 2016: See what you can get your hands on at the show
AV Magazine
14 January 2016 Polycom Solutions Marketing Manager Pat Finlayson tells all on the new Polycom® RealPresence Clariti™
06 January 2016 Microsoft Interoperable Phones now available from Polycom
Comms Business

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