Using Polycom Video Collaboration Technology hospitals and healthcare trusts are able to bring specialists to the patient, meaning timely observation and treatment, in turn saving lives!

Polycom technology is having an impact on various vertical sectors, In particular healthcare institutions and hospitals through-out EMEA.

On this particular page you will find several reference points which outline how videoconferencing has helped improve patient care in important areas including Stroke Diagnosis, Mental Health, Cardiology and Neo-Natal care.

To follow is a selection of customer stories which outline how Polycom has helped to save lives:

Endorsement by Polycom customers include:

"Thrombolysis treatment can only be given to patients within four hours of the onset of their stroke – so time is crucial, and Telestroke helps improve the speed of patient diagnosis. We are using Polycom video collaboration technology to take the stroke specialists to the patient, rather than moving the patient long distances, around rural areas, to where the specialists work. In an acute stroke, time is of the essence and the sooner treatments can be provided, the better.”

- Dr. O’Donnell

We have a number of partnerships with technology organisations, and it is important that these are two-way relationships. Not only does Polycom have the right technical solutions, it has an incredibly experienced healthcare team with a complete service solution and the results speak for themselves. We have kept all of our original meeting rooms and we now have the ability to connect to remote teams. We are more connected than ever, with the ability to use video, unified communications and telepresence all in one call.”

- Iain Robertson
Head of IT infrastructure and operations at NHS Lothian

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