Industry View - Local

We pride ourselves on being able to understand our customers' needs in both their professional and personal lives. By running research programmes in specific industry areas that cross over into both, we are able to use our findings to offer guidance, advice and insights to recommend the best solutions for their individual and business requirements.

Insight is also gained from talking directly to our customers, and we are now able to demonstrate how our technology can impact people’s lives significantly.

How To Get More People Using New Technologies In Your Organisation

Polycom’s guide to encouraging adoption of new technologies in your business.

The conference is calling

Download: Guide to getting the most out of your conference calls

Six Steps to Driving a Highly Collaborative Video Culture

In 2014 we conducted a comprehensive survey of over 800 of our customers, conducted in conjunction with the analyst company Quocirca, which revealed that after travel savings, the most important benefits of video conferencing are improved team work, better user productivity and faster decision making.

Polycom Guide to Collaborating Across Borders

In 2013, a comprehensive survey of 1,205 business decision makers revealed nearly all of them (96%) believe videoconferencing removes distance barriers and improves productivity between teams in different cities and countries. They agree that videoconferencing helps close the physical and cultural gap between colleagues doing business across distances.

Flexible Working - Local

Survey into ways of working says video (72%) is a crucial element of the decision making process making flexi-workers more productive.


Using Polycom Video Collaboration Technology, hospitals are able to take specialists to the patient enabling timely diagnosis and treatment, saving lives and millions of pounds a year.


Polycom survey of European Teachers finds video conferencing is one of the most effective education tools.


Study of European businesses reveals travel is increasing even as its business value is decreasing.