Envisioning Service

Capturing your collaboration vision and bringing it to life

Introducing a new solution into your existing technology environment requires a significant amount of upfront planning and design. You want to make sure you understand how it will be used and how it will add value. You also want to ensure that your employees embrace the new technology and adopt it as soon as it’s introduced.

With Envisioning Services, you get an in-depth plan to fully deploy Polycom into your environment. Whether your vision is to have a robust video conferencing solution where every user can join a video meeting from a conference room or their desktop or mobile device, or you plan to replace a legacy system, you will understand how Polycom solutions will meet business needs, identify features that align with your business goals, determine technology environment inter-dependencies, recognize any limitations, and build a clear strategy, budget and plan to move forward successfully.

The objective of the service is to capture your required video-enabled business workflows and propose the optimal architecture of the Polycom collaboration solution as well as budgetary information to meet your needs.

In order to meet this objective, the Envisioning Service will:

  • Capture and document your end-users’ expected video enabled workflows
  • Determine the high level architecture of your Polycom solution to enable the required workflows
  • Document the key milestones with budgetary information to design, deploy and operate the solution for optimal outcomes

The service is delivered using a systematic methodology applied in four phases:

Phase 1: One-day Discovery Workshop – During the workshop, Polycom will meet with your team to understand current workflows, user experiences and the existing environment, as well as capture future desired states.

Phase 2: Solution Architecture Design Analysis – In this phase, Polycom will analyze various technical aspects of the solution architecture and will collaborate with your subject matter experts to design a solution that allows a smooth integration into your environment, and once implemented, offers an optimal end-user experience and delivers the expected video enabled workflows.

Phase 3: Executive Summary Presentation – This presentation will deliver findings and the proposed design for the high level architecture of your solution that enables the required workflows.

Phase 4: Final Report – At the conclusion of the engagement, the Polycom team will provide the Polycom Envisioning Service Report with compiled findings and recommendations.


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