Polycom Solutions for Medical Education


Practitioners and patients can connect from their desktop or mobile device for the latest health information using Polycom collaborative healthcare solutions. The Polycom RealPresence Platform  supports sessions that are safe, secure, and reliable.  The educational sessions are available not only live or streamed, but also for on-demand viewing at a later time.  Custom tests, CME tracking, and data surveys associated with the video sessions facilitate the move to accountable care models.

Large telehealth networks can offer their members multi-site viewing and recording to support educational programs across their hospitals, community health centers, medical schools, and public health departments.

Patients and practitioners need the most recent medical information to support management of chronic disease, best practices, and maintain medical licensure.

  • Support case management to reduce unnecessary re-hospitalizations
  • Provide your network members with recording, streaming, multi-site live video, and video content management solutions
  • Educate patients with chronic disease to support prevention and wellness programs
  • Expedite job training utilizing distributed video based educational sessions
  • Attend video CME events from your home office or desktop
  • Conduct video grand rounds sharing PC content, live patient encounters, or recorded procedures
  • Video connect to nursing schools for up to date training and medical information
  • Conduct administrative training and medical education using live or streaming video
  • Attend or deliver disaster preparedness training
  • Establish state wide physician to physician educational networks

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