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“Polycom video collaboration has literally changed the way we practice medicine.  It is patient-centered care in the purest form. Doctors all over the region can provide life-saving services to any cardiac patient in any of our facilities. And by reducing readmissions, our program is driving costs down for patients and other payers.”

Philip Wolford
Coordinator of Saint Vincent's regional telemedicine network

Healthcare organizations the world over are turning to Polycom video collaboration solutions to improve care and reduce cost. Collaborative healthcare solutions from Polycom enable patient centered care, multi-disciplinary team support, reduction of unnecessary re-hospitalizations, and collaboration across the entire healthcare team independent of physical barriers. There are many reasons why eight of the top 10 hospitals and the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide are Polycom customers.

"[Multidisciplinary] teams of doctors now collaborate remotely during grand rounds, exchanging observations, recommendations and patient information to improve and accelerate patient care,"explained Wolford. These grand rounds are recorded, archived and published for staffers to view later on-demand as part of their continuing medical education.

Telemedicine/Patient Care

Today’s healthcare model requires prevention and wellness programs, and easy access to expert consultations no matter where or when the need arises. Polycom video collaboration solutions enable video collaboration across the healthcare community to support patient centered care, remote consultations, case management, multi-disciplinary teams and collaboration independent of geographic location.

Medical Education

Whether it’s bringing the latest prevention information to the elderly at community health centers or innovative surgical techniques to distant practitioners, Polycom powers video collaboration for medical education. Today medical education is about multipoint live video for patients and practitioners, and the ability to use Video Content Management solutions from Polycom to record, archive, and make available video content to support healthier patients with fewer un-necessary hospitalizations.

Healthcare Administration

Improve communications and collaboration across the entire healthcare delivery system for better decision-making, project management, efficiency, cost-savings and productivity with Polycom video collaboration solutions.


Healthcare organizations across the globe are turning to Polycom video collaboration solutions to:

  • Enable collaboration across healthcare teams
  • Support better outcomes and more timely access to care
  • Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Educate patients and healthcare providers independent of location
  • Enable faster onboarding of new healthcare professionals
  • Support better chronic disease management 
  • Support prevention and wellness programs 
  • Improve patient care by providing more convenient access to specialist expertise
  • Provide better utilization of specialists
  • Survey, test, and confirm success of disease management programs
  • Enable easier access to success metrics for auditing and confirmation of success

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Prevention and Wellness: Collaborative Video Delivering Better Care Coordination, Medical Education and Avoiding Unnecessary Re-hospitalizations.

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