Polycom Solutions for Government – National Security


Armed forces, National Guard, pubic security personnel, immigration and customs officers understand the importance of real-time communications. Radio, voice and data communications have helped improve government operations over the years. New technologies have emerged which are defining how government organizations run operations, execute missions and win battles.

When dealing with sensitive topics and matters of global security, situational, geographic, cultural, and organizational barriers can prevent the effective sharing of information. Combined with the heightened stress that arises during crisis situations, non-verbal communication (such as facial and physical gestures) is critical to ensuring that decision makers accurately understand information.

Unified communication plays a critical role in improving information sharing and in coordinating operations that are complex, time-sensitive and fast-paced. Moreover, video collaboration is an essential application that provides complete situational awareness to field forces as well as to officers at the command and control center.

The Polycom RealPresence platform is fully integrated with C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence) and mobile communications capabilities. That helps accelerate the decision-making process in times of domestic and international crisis.

With Polycom solutions, governmental departments can:

  • Improve departmental collaboration - Interagency collaboration and international cooperation are made possible through the use of the interoperable and certified solutions of Polycom.
  • Achieve optimum readiness - Soldiers, security personnel and law enforcement officers leverage video during field and classroom training to improve readiness and mission success.
  • Ensure secure and reliable communications – Using the Polycom RealPresence Platform, you can effectively and securely communicate using voice and video in all situations.
  • Offer new services to personnel - Using video for family visitations, soldier healthcare, or distance learning improves the motivation and morale of deployed personnel.




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