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Faced with the challenge of offering the same level of citizen and human services nationwide, government departments turn to the Polycom RealPresence® platform to bridge the gap. High definition voice, video conferencing, streaming and recording solutions promote government responsiveness and improve citizen satisfaction. They do this by extending the reach and quality of the services they deliver across multiple media and channels, to citizens no matter where they are located.

More and more governmental organizations are deploying video-enabled kiosks at branches and community centers. They are finding that to be a practical, cost-effective and more personal way of delivering civil, heath, education, justice and trade services to citizens and businesses within jurisdictions. They can even connect the video kiosks to a contact center by way of voice and video, and then deliver services with a smile in multiple languages (including sign language).

Government agencies can also record public speeches and stream them live. And, they can record promotional and educational videos, which they then make available on demand through Web portals and social networks.

Using Polycom solutions, government organizations are able to:

  • Increase citizen engagement - To promote government initiatives and community programs, officials can record and stream videos which citizens can watch online at any time.
  • Improve reach and quality - At a remote community center, a citizen can interact face to face with civil servants regarding the rejection of an application or claim.
  • Connect visually with businesses - A finance manager can use the company’s video conferencing facility to connect to the national tax bureau via the Internet.
  • Promote local trade and tourism - At a trade fair or exhibition overseas, government departments can facilitate meetings between potential partners...or promote local attractions and festivals to foreign tourists.
  • Offer multilingual services – Videophones and kiosks come to great use when foreign tourists or minorities seek information in their own language or dialect. Hearing-impaired people can benefit from the same level of service by using sign language, communicated over high-quality video.


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