Polycom Solutions for Business Services


Collaboration solutions transforms the way corporate clients are served, experts are leveraged, and projects are delivered.

Customer satisfaction

  • Tighter collaboration between clients and the firm strengthens customer relations
  • Shortened project delivery time
  • Client access to key decision makers and experts within the firm
  • More time spent at clients for consultants due to reduced travel time

Efficiency and productivity

  • Reduced travel cost for consultants
  • Increased decision making speed for management
  • Leveraging of key expertise within in the firm - serving multiple accounts/projects
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Facilitates employee development - product training, mentorship and leadership training
  • Reduced recruiting time and higher accuracy in selecting candidates

Companies in the business services sector operate in a fast pace environment where instant access to information and expertise is the key to success.  High quality video communication capabilities enable clients more frequent and personal interactions with consultants to solve daily pain points and long term project objectives. With Polycom solutions, virtual project teams collaborate face-to-face and experts are reached via video conferencing regardless of distance, network or device. By putting a face on a name of consultants, project managers and partners, corporate clients feel secure and trust your company for their business

Borderless Executive and Virtual Team Collaboration

In an industry where face-to-face, personal relationships are the foundations for success, high definition video solutions bring business services companies, partners and customers together – just like being there

Training and Competence Development

The business service industry is built around the knowledge and skills among its employees. Having quick access to the latest information in areas such as industry trends, changes in the company service portfolio, new research findings and new policies is essential.

Access to Expertise

With Polycom solutions the consultants and client can easily get access to the expert to describe and discuss the problem for a quick resolution. Using video, the subject matter expert can support multiple projects, in different geographical areas, from any location and thereby saving time and cost for both the company and the clients.

Customer Stories

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