Polycom Solutions by Industry


Connect with the widest range of conferencing solutions

Polycom offers the broadest range of solutions to enable all user types to successfully connect and conference, no matter what the environment. This includes almost any type of user device for enabling Unified Collaboration, as well as the necessary supporting infrastructure and management tools. The integrated approach of Polycom's solution ensures that users receive a simple, consistent, repeatable experience every time they interface with the Unified Collaboration environment. All Polycom solutions are backed by a world-class service and support organization, which Polycom delivers from its global network of 40 offices in 22 countries.


Polycom provides numerous solutions that help governments collaborate more effectively. Learn how Polycom solutions can enhance how governmental bodies collaborate on citizen services, emergency management, justice services and national security.


Polycom offers a wide range of programs and resources for education institutions, educators and students.


Polycom video collaboration solutions help healthcare organizations improve several aspects of their daily workflows. Explore how our video collaboration solutions enhance telemedicine, medical education, patient care and healthcare administration tasks.


Polycom Video Collaboration Solutions are helping manufacturers achieve operational efficiency and accelerate their design and development efforts. Polycom solutions also equip manufacturers to interact with customers more frequently and manage their supply chains more effectively.

Financial Services

Polycom offers many video collaboration solutions that help financial services firms to better manage their remote branch communications, high net worth/VIP clients, and video trading/morning calls.


By using Polycom collaboration solutions, studios and production companies are saving significant costs and shortening production times. Learn more about how Polycom solutions help enhance production collaboration, remote casting and remote guest interaction.


Polycom provides the solutions that enable real-time collaboration between stores, suppliers, warehouses, buyers, and sales teams. Learn how our solutions help retail organizations refine their customer service, store-wide communications, and supply chain management.

Oil, Gas, & Energy

Polycom solutions are playing a major role in helping energy companies manage the challenges they confront. Learn how they assist energy firms with their activities in remote exploration, incident response, telemedicine and supply chain management.


Polycom collaboration solutions turn the challenges facing today's successful hospitality companies into key opportunities. Learn how hotels and resorts are using Polycom solutions to enhance their remote concierge services, property-wide communications and supply chain management.


Polycom audio and video collaboration solutions enable pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical companies to bring products to market more rapidly and efficiently. Our solutions also help those firms realize revenue earlier. Learn how our solutions can help your firm improve the clinical trial process and accelerate the new-drug research/discovery process.

Business Services

Companies in the business services sector operate in a fast pace environment where instant access to information and expertise is the key to success. High quality video communication capabilities enable clients more frequent and personal interactions with consultants to solve daily pain points and long term project objectives. With Polycom solutions, virtual project teams collaborate face-to-face and experts are reached via video conferencing regardless of distance, network or device. By putting a face on a name of consultants, project managers and partners, corporate clients feel secure and trust your company for their business.
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