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Jabber vs. Lync decision point? Need a better open-SIP conference phone for your meeting room? Need to video enable a room with automated speaker tracking at a more affordable price point? Want to keep your future options open? Polycom can help.

It's a world of mixed technologies and many vendors. You want solutions that free you from the constraints that proprietary technologies impose. Polycom is committed to open-standards-based interoperability across all the elements that make up a communications environment—including multiple products, vendors, networks, and connection protocols.

"Enterprises need to ensure they use open and interoperable protocols between network building blocks to ensure that they can achieve a high degree of functionality while preserving or migrating their existing investments. By leveraging multivendor networks rather than a single-vendor approach, enterprises can improve network capabilities while significantly reducing costs and simplifying network complexity."

– Mark Fabbi, Vice President, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, Inc.


The Polycom RealPresence Platform is the most comprehensive software infrastructure for universal video collaboration. It gives you more choices than you have with any proprietary solution. Don't make your most important collaboration decisions based on history and short-term offers. Make an educated decision. Schedule a visit to a Polycom Experience Center, see the Polycom solutions in person, and have a meaningful discussion about your future collaboration plans. We'll help you examine the total costs involved in your solution decision and realize just how much a Polycom solution can save you.

Lync vs. Jabber Decision Point?

Polycom can help. Polycom has 40+ voice, video and content solutions interoperable with Microsoft Lync. Customers with existing Cisco investments can meet in Virtual Meeting Rooms powered by the Polycom RealPresence Platform and easily collaborate with Microsoft Lync clients. No gateways required.

Voice Conferencing Solutions for Cisco Customers

Polycom offers you choices in voice conferencing solutions for your Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) environment. You can choose from a complete family of industry-leading VoIP conferencing solutions from Polycom with models to meet any room size or configuration need, from small huddle rooms to large integrated boardrooms and classrooms.

Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP)

Polycom extends the video deployment options you have available with its native support for Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP). Developed by Cisco, TIP is a non-standard communications protocol for connecting with Cisco TelePresence systems (CTS). Our support for TIP increases the opportunities you have for collaborating and for protecting your investment in standards-based Polycom solutions.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Polycom interoperability with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) means you can blend the solutions of Polycom (and our partners) with your existing CUCM systems. You can protect your current Cisco investments while you grow and transform your business with best-of-breed video, collaboration, social, and cloud-service innovations from Polycom and our partners.

Video Content Management

Solutions that speed up knowledge sharing and overcome the challenges of distance and time by capturing, managing and delivering video content―from anywhere to anywhere.


With Polycom, you have the freedom to:

  • Connect with millions of standards-based telepresence systems, video conferencing systems and mobile devices in use today
  • Be heard clearly with open-SIP conference phones, installed audio, and Polycom video solutions
  • Reduce your network bandwidth and complexity–and your operating costs
  • Expand the immersive experience to any room at a fraction of the cost of deploying more Cisco TelePresence® Systems (CTS)
  • Experience innovative technology like automated two camera speaker location with Polycom EagleEye Director — made possible with Polycom HDX licensed support for TIP
  • Blend Cisco and Microsoft Lync environments the easy way — where everyone can meet in virtual meeting rooms (VMRs)
  • Future-proof your investments with open-standard based technology that is not ‘locked-in’ to single vendor infrastructure




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