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PC softphone applications are great communication solutions for employees on the move. But what happens when those employees need to have a small conference... or get tired of wearing a headset?

Polycom Communicator is a series of portable USB speakerphones that provide users of PC softphone applications with crystal-clear conversations. They eliminate distracting echoes or feedback. Enjoy the freedom of not wearing a headset and experiencing truly hands-free communication.

With a Polycom Communicator speakerphone:

  • Others on the call will hear every word clearly due to Polycom’s HD Voice technology
  • Communication is easier, thanks to integrated button controls that launch applications, pick up and hang up calls, and increase, decrease and mute the volume
  • You benefit from a portable design that makes the Polycom Communicator speakerphone available when and where you need it most

PC microphones and speakers just don’t have enough volume, or microphone pickup, to be effective in small, group-collaboration environments.

The Polycom Communicator series offers high-fidelity, PC-based voice conferencing, as well as advanced echo cancellation, noise reduction and full-duplex performance for up to four participants. The units connect and power through an integrated USB cable for easy installation and use two microphones to provide superior sound quality. Integrated button controls make it easy to launch voice and video applications, pick up or hang up calls without using your mouse, and adjust the volume and mute.

The Polycom Communicator series:

  • Comes with Polycom HD Voice technology, which provides echo cancellation and full-duplex audio for high-fidelity sound
  • Includes two, high-quality stereo microphones
  • Is supported on multiple PC softphone applications
  • Includes an integrated USB cable for easy installation and use

PCs are great devices for e-mail and even voice communication. But even they reach their limits as a conferencing device. Sporting just one microphone, and low-power speakers, most laptops and PCs just don’t have enough performance to get the job done without a little help.

Polycom Communicator is a series of portable USB conference phones that give PCs an extra edge, transforming them into workspace conference solutions. They feature high-quality speakers and microphones, and you’ll enjoy the excellent range they provide for small group conversations.

With the Polycom Communicator series, you can:

  • Clearly communicate, thanks to the exclusive HD Voice technology of Polycom
  • Free yourself from cumbersome wires and headsets
  • Take your conference phone with you

Communicator C100

Simple yet high-quality, hands-free calling experience from your PC

Communicator C100S

Simple yet high-quality hands-free Skype calling experience

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