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Overcome the challenges of distance and time zones with Polycom content and media solutions that ensure clear, consistent and accessible communications from the top down—and a more connected and informed organization from the bottom up.

Polycom's recording, streaming and content management solutions help users create quality recordings and webcasts for training, corporate communications, and knowledge management initiatives – using your existing video conferencing investments.

  • Training - Capture instructors' video and content from any video conferencing endpoint or webcam for new hire on-boarding, sales training, corporate policy updates, product overviews and more
  • Corporate Communications - Securely stream executive briefings, all-hands meetings, sales kick-off events, and company announcements live to thousands of employees 
  • Knowledge Management - Enable any subject matter expert to capture video and content for best-practice sharing, how-to videos, pre-job primers, mobile videos and more– plus playback to a meeting or video conferencing system
  • Team Collaboration - Project teams can capture and publish a multiparty video conference meeting for colleagues who couldn't attend

For many IT managers, the complexity of streaming and publishing video over their networks is daunting. Polycom Recording, Streaming and Content Management solutions help organizations:

  • Provide efficient self-service workflow - Empower end-users to capture, share and stream videos,  without requiring help from IT
  • Increase ROI of existing video conferencing investments - Recording, streaming, and archiving from your entire video network drives adoption and utilization
  • Minimize network impact and bandwidth utilization - With a complete solution for eCDN delivery, control how video is routed over your enterprise network, or choose to leverage best-of-breed 3rd party content delivery solutions like Akamai, EdgeCast and Wowza Media Systems
  • Innovate around business workflows - APIs enable organizations to integrate with any web application

Polycom Recording, Streaming and Content Management solutions simplify the capture, sharing and viewing of video content.

  • All your video content, anytime, anywhere, any device – View live streaming webcasts, access your organizations complete video library, and share your recordings
  • Boost efficiency and productivity – Simple self-service workflows and personal, browser-based content creation empower users to create great video assets for any use case
  • Share what you know – Dynamic workflows help you share media to engage teammates, workgroups, or the entire organization

RealPresence Media Suite

An easy, all-in-one solution to capture, share and stream videos.

Video Content Management (VCM) SmartStart Solutions

Bundled solutions that make it easy to create your own “YouTube” and capture video from your entire network

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