Work Office

Work Office

Video, voice and content collaboration solutions have become a mission-critical app to empower your team to collaborate face-to-face with colleagues, partners, and customers from their office workspaces where people spend much of their time.

"There are two compelling reasons why video is becoming ubiquitous and a big part of our communications strategy. With Polycom solutions, our senior executives and board members can participate in meetings without leaving their desks. And those Polycom video solutions have saved us tens of thousands of dollars a month in travel and countless hours of billable time."

- Arthur Leeser Information Technology Director, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP

For companies around the world, on-demand video, voice and content collaboration solutions improve teamwork, accelerates responsiveness and decision making, and dramatically reduces travel costs while increasing productivity and speeding time-to-market.

"People like the ability to jump on a call right at their desks. Rather than scheduling a conference room and spending an hour on a call, they can stay at their desks and even multitask during that time. The HD technology from Polycom never makes you feel like you're talking to a television set. If you move a hand or get up from the table, the motion is fluid."

- John Drummond Director of Global Communication Systems, Manhattan Associates

Polycom delivers on-demand video, voice and content collaboration experiences in your personal workspace that replicate a high-end conference room environment. And the ease of use and reliability of Polycom RealPresence work office solutions support mission-critical video-enabled use cases across industries, including telehealth, remote education, government emergency response, and product design.

"Polycom's video conferencing solutions are at the core of our business. They are so simple to use, with such intuitive user interfaces, it allows us to focus on recruiting the best physicians, instead of recruiting technologists."

- Dr. Oscar Boultinghouse Senior Vice President, NuPhysicia


Video, Voice and Content Collaboration Solutions

Polycom Video Solutions connect visually and defy distance.

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Videoconferencing Phone

Polycom VVX 1500 unifies videoconferencing, business applications and IP telephony.

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