Conference Room

Conference Room

Start with an ordinary classroom, doctor's office, courtroom, emergency response center or auditorium.  Add a Polycom RealPresence Room video, voice and content collaboration solution. Then add another one to a classroom in Australia, a medical facility in Kosovo, a courtroom in Russia, an emergency response center in China or an auditorium anywhere.

What you have now is a visual collaboration environment that is as lifelike as having everyone in the same room, no matter where they are located.

"What I've found most impressive about telemedicine is the feeling that I am actually in the same room. I am able to conduct an examination and actually listen to the heartbeat of a child who is 8,000 miles away, as if I were using my own stethoscope."
- Dr. Michael Lamacchia Chairman of Pediatrics, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital

Polycom RealPresence Room video, voice and content collaboration solutions are simple to operate and consistently deliver a flawless visual communications experience. It becomes so much easier for people to meet face-to-face and share HD-quality content with peers, partners, and customers in other locations.

"Through Polycom's solutions, we've seen teachers sharing ideas, facilitating Continued Personal Development sessions with staff between schools, and developing excellent international links. It would be fantastic to have all schools kitted out with video conferencing solutions."

- Alan Cameron Education Officer, Dumfries and Galloway

The better the experience, the more people use video conferencing. That increases adoption and ultimately, ROI.

Polycom RealPresence Room video, voice and content collaboration solutions drive organizational benefits that go far beyond savings in travel expense and time. According to Wainhouse Research, Polycom video solutions typically accelerate time-to-market for manufacturing companies by 24%. Polycom RealPresence Room solutions are also changing the way people collaborate and work in sectors as diverse as financial services, healthcare, education, government, pharmaceutical and energy.

"The most important benefits of implementing Polycom RealPresence solutions are the significant cost and time savings coupled with the reliability of the technology. These benefits are made all the more important as they directly relate to people's lives."
- Andrey German, Video Conferencing Systems, Legal Information Office, Supreme Court of the Russian Federation


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Polycom Video Solutions connect visually and defy distance.

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