When you purchase Polycom-branded products and services from an authorized Polycom reseller, you receive the following benefits:
  • New product shipped in Polycom’s original packaging with Polycom original accessories and support documents.
  • Polycom’s product warranty support. Review standard product warranty terms here .
  • Assistance from Polycom’s authorized resellers, who have the necessary qualifications and training, and who have access to Polycom resources, sales and technical personnel.


If you purchase Polycom-branded products from an unauthorized source, you face the following serious risks:
  • The product is of unknown origin, previously used, or counterfeit.
  • The product may be resold as “unused” – which is not new product.
  • The product includes software that is no longer supported by Polycom & requires updates to prevent network vulnerability.
  • The product is missing key accessories or components required for your region to ensure the product will work as needed.
  • If product does not work properly, you will not be able to obtain support or a replacement under warranty.
  • The product is not eligible to be supported by Polycom services.
  • The product is not eligible product for a Polycom trade in promotional program.


  • To find a Polycom-authorized reseller in your region who has achieved Platinum, Gold or Silver (where available), visit

  • If you are ever in doubt about a reseller or a distributor ask for proof of their status through an authorization letter from Polycom.


Polycom is not able to identify all persons and companies who falsely claim to be authorized Polycom sources. Nonetheless, Polycom has identified the companies below as unauthorized sources. The list below is subject to change and Polycom reserves the right to update this list at any time.

Also note, before purchasing a Polycom product from any seller on an internet marketplace such as Amazon, Newegg, etc., you should:

  • Obtain from the seller a copy of their authorization letter from Polycom (see sample authorization letter). Not every seller on Amazon is a Polycom authorized reseller that can provide adequate post-sales support.
  • Determine where the product is being “ship from and sold by,” which can be found in the sold by information or in the seller information for each product listing. Products sold from unauthorized Amazon marketplace sources do not carry a warranty from Polycom and the item may not be as described in product listing.

Unauthorized Sources - USA

  • A 1 Teletronics
  • A&T Marketing
  • ABC Conferencing
  • Abaramnet
  • Aplusi
  • ATHQ - American Telecom Headquarters
  • Atlas Phones
  • BecTech Global
  • BidDeal
  • Craigslist
  • Cycorp Technologies
  • Data Networks
  • DataQ Direct
  • Discover Savings
  • DTC Computer Supplies
  • Dynamic Commsource Inc.
  • ELVES supply
  • etailz
  • Five Stars Telecom
  • Forward Communications
  • GCI Store
  • Gearsforsale
  • Gizmos For Life
  • IPC-Store
  • JM Prime
  • kreepy-ana
  • lavouche
  • Liquid 8 Technology
  • Mega Retail Store
  • Metroline
  • MRC Telco
  • MS2DataSource
  • My Data Supply
  • Namtek
  • Neobits dba Avami systems
  • NetMarketer
  • Newegg
  • Newfangled Networks
  • Nothing But Savings
  • Office Telephones Canada
  • Otisco Valley Tel-com
  • Paragon Communications, Inc.
  • PC Liquidations
  • PCNation
  • Peace WGC
  • Platinum Networks
  • POS Global
  • Price Master Jay
  • Rack-IT Solutions
  • Refurbished Phone Exchange
  • Results IT
  • Sam International Information Technology
  • SaveCentral
  • Sophie Systems
  • Source Communications
  • Startechtel
  • Sun Valley
  • Technology Today
  • Telecom Nation
  • Teleconnect Direct
  • Telephone King
  • Telephonyware
  • Telquest
  • the office gadget
  • The Phone Connection
  • TheTelecom Dealer
  • TigerRoyal
  • Time Sales
  • Triton Datacom Online
  • U.S. Telecom Source
  • Uniquepos
  • Winwealth
  • Zerbee Business Products

Unauthorized Sources - Canada

  • Office Telephones Canada
  • Run Distribution – Run DLJ
  • Run Communications

Unauthorized Sources - Central America, Caribbean and South America - CALA

  • Electronet S.A.

Unauthorized Sources - EMEA

  • AvConn Telecom SRO
  • MS2DataSource

How to determine when a product may not be a genuine Polycom-branded product:

  • The product does not come with any product documentation covering warranty terms, instructions for use or warnings.
  • The documentation that is provided with the product does not appear to be original, but instead looks like a photocopy, or the documentation is provided only in one language.
  • There are misspelled words or words that are grammatically incorrect in English either on the product’s labels or packaging or in the documentation.
  • The packaging is of poor quality or condition, is dirty or includes scuff marks.
  • The product labels are hard to read and/or are smudged in appearance.
  • The product shows adhesive glue on sections where there are no labels affixed (i.e. suggesting that labels may have been removed).
  • The product and/or its packaging does not include Polycom’s markings (i.e. part number, name, logo, and other third party certification markings).
  • The product, packaging and/or labeling include different colors or shades of color.
  • The product’s serial number is inconsistent with Polycom’s product numbering scheme, click here on where to find the product serial number for Polycom products.
  • The unauthorized source is unwilling to confirm in writing that it is an authorized Polycom reseller.
  • The unauthorized source is unwilling or cannot identify a Polycom authorized distributor from whom it purchased the products.