As of May 25, 2018, the European Union is enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is an important new regulation that supports privacy rights of EU individuals.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a new data protection law that strengthens the protection of personal data. GDPR will replace the current EU Data Protection Directive and refreshes the rules regarding when and how organizations can use EU individuals’ personal data. Penalties for failing to comply with GDPR may subject an organization with fines of up to 4% of the organizations total global renue.

GDPR Applicability

The GDPR applies to any organization, regardeless of geographical location, that offers goods or services to EU individuals, processes personal data of EU indviduals and includes the third parties that process the information on their behalf.

How GDPR changes EU privacy?

Key changes include; Limiting the EU individual personal data collected to the minimum required, establishing technical and organizational security measure to protect personal data, and retaining personal data only for as long as necessary for it’s specified purpose. Other changes include new data subject rights for EU individuals, mantadory breach notification procedures, maintaining records of personal data processing activities and ensuring appropriate international transfers of personal data.

Polycom’s Commitment to Compliance

Polycom is committed to compliance with GDPR. Polycom has a dedicated cross-functional team who oversee Polycom's GDPR compliance program. In connection with the development our products and solutions, we have incorporated privacy by design elements early in the process with the objective that technical and organizational security measures will limit, by default, the amount and use of personal data to what is specifically required. Other efforts include having either new or supplemental white papers available for our customers that address privacy-related data processing/other information about our products/solutions.

Polycom Security and Privacy White Papers

Polycom Security and Privacy Overview

Polycom helps unleash the power of human collaboration with secure video, voice and content solutions.


Polycom Device Management Service (PDMS)

Device Management Service is a cloud-based device management service for personal and conference-based Polycom Audio Endpoints


RealAccess Analytics

Provides a subscribing customer access to a dedicated web portal with on-demand monitoring, management of video conferencing and reporting.


RealConnect for Office 365

RealConnect for Office 365 is integrated into the Skype meeting workflow making it easy and intuitive to schedule a video interop call.


Polycom OBiTALK

OBiTALK is an online portal for managing Polycom phones and analog telephone adapters.