Connecting Skype for Business in your video environment

With Skype for Business now generally available, a new era in workplace communications has arrived...
Watch our 'Connecting Skype for Business in your video environment' webinar to gain valuable insights from our experts as well as learning how to integrate Skype for Business into your existing video environment.

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Home dialysis by video empowers patients

Home dialysis treatment for patients improves care and reduces costs.

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Sir Cary Cooper: The changing nature of today's workforce

How IT can drive efficiencies by supporting these changes.

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Business transformation starts with video conferencing # DefyDistance

As video is set to be the #1 most preferred business communication tool by 2016*, deploying reliable, standards based video solutions doesn't have to be a challenge.

Our 'Introduction to the Basics of Video Conferencing' white paper equips you with the key information and considerations for deploying scalable state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions throughout your organization and prepares you to defy distance.

* "Global View: Business Video Conferencing Usage and Trends," Redshift Research - 2013

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